April 21, 2011

1st session

Nothing too interesting. I decided to play NL25 underrolled, but i felt not scard or anything. Just trying to play tight and ABC like.
Lost a flip QQ < AK vs Reg... pretty normal for me to lose flips :E

And i made a bad? rivercall vs aggrofish (45/35)

Some unconventional(maybe bad?) play vs csfish (86/0 ... WTSD 60 )
I think he's never donking his flopped flush on the turn (I would suggest he's always checkraising). Maybe he's doing this sometimes with a 4, but most of the time i think his range is any kind of diamond with or without pair and i think he will never fold to a raise regardless how big it is. So i decided to shove. The idea behind the shove was, that he'll never pay out on the river if he misses.


I also found another tilt reason: playing too late in the evening. I'm tilting more often in the late hours of the day than in the early afternoon. So i'll try to play not too late.

Random thoughts and stuff
Renamed the blog, because the name "SomeSeriousPokerAction" doesn't really fit ;) (lol nl25 4 life :x)

lol karma

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