April 21, 2011

1st session

Nothing too interesting. I decided to play NL25 underrolled, but i felt not scard or anything. Just trying to play tight and ABC like.
Lost a flip QQ < AK vs Reg... pretty normal for me to lose flips :E

And i made a bad? rivercall vs aggrofish (45/35)

Some unconventional(maybe bad?) play vs csfish (86/0 ... WTSD 60 )
I think he's never donking his flopped flush on the turn (I would suggest he's always checkraising). Maybe he's doing this sometimes with a 4, but most of the time i think his range is any kind of diamond with or without pair and i think he will never fold to a raise regardless how big it is. So i decided to shove. The idea behind the shove was, that he'll never pay out on the river if he misses.


I also found another tilt reason: playing too late in the evening. I'm tilting more often in the late hours of the day than in the early afternoon. So i'll try to play not too late.

Random thoughts and stuff
Renamed the blog, because the name "SomeSeriousPokerAction" doesn't really fit ;) (lol nl25 4 life :x)

lol karma

April 20, 2011

tiltmonkeys gonna tilt ?!

Since sunday i played solid c game, ran bad and i ended up yesterday in complete monkey tilt.
Ok so my challenge is over and i failed. BAM.
Just one month with no tilt ... lolbad.


So obviously i can't say "i will not tilt", this won't work as we can see ;).
I started asking myself if there are any certain conditions for me which lead to tilt.
Therefore i checked HEM and analysed all my (tilt) sessions since january 2010.
Tilt reasons/conditions:
- i tilt every(!) session longer than 2h
- i tilt in many(up to 33%) sessions longer than 1,5h
- i tilt 80% of my sessions with more than 8 tables
- i tilt ~33% of my sessions with more than 6 tables
- i tilted 100% of the time when i was down >4 stacks (often results in complete braindead monkeytilt)
- i tilted >50% of the time when i was down >3 stacks
- i tilted from bad beats as well from my own mistakes
- i never(!) tilted while recording my session

I've never analysed my tilt that exactly.
As we can see i'm a tiltmonkey :D (lol obvious)
But what can i do? I will obviously not quit poker, because i know that i can beat many limits above NL25/50.

I will start with obvious measures:
- sessiontime <= 1h
- 4 tabling, 5 tabling only if the games are juicy as hell (friday afternoon)
- stoploss 2 stacks
- record sessions on video (maybe good for analysis as well)
- concentrate on not tilting after mistakes/beats

Because i'm now underrolled for NL25 i will start playing NL10 (SH obv) until i'm rolled again for NL25 (~15 Stacks NL10).
I'll update this blog after every session.

for the best part press "2" on your keyboard ;)
and again "2" and again again again and again :D

April 16, 2011

exam and almost no poker

Last month i had to learn for my biggest and most difficult exam, so i hat almost no time to play poker. But it was worth the trouble. Maybe i forgot about my exam when i wrote that i will update more often :D

But now i have time to play and i started to change my game a little. In other words: i found the fold button again ;)

[x] no tilt
[x] one session almost tilted

damn best no tilt song:

March 20, 2011

I'm back

Started a new challenge ... if i'm going to tilt in any of my sessions within this year, i will quit poker.

Think i will update a little more often from now on :D
First sessions done after my challengestart ... and i have to say ... lol flips -.-

[x] no tilt

<3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8ocdOCTrQZ8

May 21, 2010

It's been a while

Hi there ;)

i've just decided to continue blogging. Because it's such a long time since my last entry i will summarize some of the things that happened:
- played NL25/50 till the end of 2009
- almost broke in the beginning of 2010
- very nice USA trip (vegas - san francisco - santa babara)
- made it back to 50NL, crushed 50NL(10PTBB) and reached 100NL
- played 100nl with 4PTBB -> tilt, tilt, bad play -> 50nl

now im playing on everest and iPoker. but because my bankroll left the comfort zone for 50nl i will play nl25/20 for the next few days to rebuild. maybe i will be back at 50nl next week and back at 100nl in june.

i just want to recap my 2010 goals:
[ ] plug tilt leaks
[ ] shot 200nl, maybe 400nl if i am able to plug my tilt leaks
[ ] MTTs, SnGs
[ ] MTT Finaltable >500 entrants
[ ] no whine posts (includes downswing whine and upswings brags)
([ ] rebuild stars roll)
([ ] ept steps)

and some usa trip pics

vegas obv (stratosphere tower)

vegas @ night ...bellagio fountain

highway to san francisco

san francisco
highway #1
santa babara beach

September 15, 2009

Back to some serious poker action ;)

Finally i've finished my bachelorthesis. My last week before the "deadline" was horrible. I had to work up to 15 hours a day. That was really ugly.
I think i will start my master thesis a bit earlier ;)

I've decided to start on 25NL again, because i didn't play for a long time (ok 2-3 weeks are not that long....).
Yesterday i played my first 2 sessions. The first one was quite ok. I played just a few hands(about 300) on stars and won about 1 stack. But i think my game is not ready for 50NL so far. I will have to play a few sessions on 25NL until i can get back up. I think I'll try to play like 1k hands a day and post a graph at the end of the week. Maybe i can move up again even within this week. So what about the second session do u ask? Nothing ;). I was playing really bad/fishy/donky poker but i was incredible lucky, so i managed to suckout some people and was up like 1 stack. Within the week i will analyse some hands again and work on my game.

Thats it for now ;)

August 26, 2009

less poker, more bachelor thesis

I'm trying to finish my bachelor thesis at the moment. This takes a lot of time, because I have to finish until 14th of september.
Overall i had 9 weeks from the 13th of july. The first 5 weeks i was rarely working on my bachelor thesis. Now i have to work up to ~10h a day :(. As you can imagine there is no time for much poker at the moment ;)
For all who are interested ... my bachelor degree course is applied informatics and i'm writing some kind of licence key generator for my bachelor thesis.

But i have to clear my Fulltilt Bonus, which is at 65% atm, as well.
I'm playing 50NL on Fulltilt, which is running pretty nice. If i can reach 4PTBB over 60k Hands I will try 100NL this year. I also left Everest to clear the $300 reload on Stars. But my roll is still not big enough to play 50NL on stars, so i have to play 25NL for a while.

I'm looking forward to september when i can spend more time playing poker again.

July 29, 2009

Nice Session, 500BB Pot

This session was somehow really sick. I just wanted to play some NL25 on Everest and watch a little TV.
And some villains thought they could donate some $$$ :D

i thought nice set slowplay, but .....
setup for me
what a nice move ty

And this pot was really crazy. Every villain is fishy ... but i couldn't even imagine how braindead they are. NICE ... or not?! :D
500 BB Pot, ty villain #3 & #4

July 24, 2009

BR Split on Fulltilt and Everest

I'm running pretty nice upswing like on Fulltilt on a few hands and incredible bad on Everest.

I don't want to talk to much about beats, cause everyone knows how it feels to loose or play BE, even though you should be winning -.-.

Here some nice hands:

maniac, pretty much calling any 2 with any diamond

nice hand!

well played!


This month is pretty much BE, Just a little plus with rakeback.